Alumni Dissertations


Music Dissertation Titles

Dissertation Title  Author  Supervisor  Date
The Requiem Mass as Concert Piece Graham Smith Coghlan 2015
Jazz Theory for Community Singers Glennis Houston Sokol 2015
Jackie Mittoo At Home and Abroad Karen Cyrus Bowman 2015
Emergence and Evolution of Tango
Expressions in Paris since the Late 1970s
Alberto Munarriz Wrazen 2015
Shinicki Suzuli and Musical Talent: An
Analysis of his Claims
Zackary Ebin Rahn 2015
Music of the Martial Arts: In a Chinese
Canadian Kung Fu Club
Colin McGuire Wrazen 2014
Non-isochronus Meter: A study of Cross-
Cultural Practices
Jordan Saull Coghlan 2014
Musical at the Stratford Festival of Canada Lauren Acton De Val 2014
Making the Scene: Co-operative Jazz Clubs
in Canada: 1955-1964
Mariann Jago Bowman 2014
Western Extended Techniques in Traditional
Japanese Wind Performance
Amy Simon Rahn 2014
Thematic Interconnectivity as an Innate
Musical Quality: Jandek's "Euopean Jewell"
Guitar Riffs
Nicole Marchesseau Bowman 2014
Escaping the Ideological Framework:
Brazilian Choro Music for the Piano
Maria Farinha Coghlan 2014
Ensemble Stuff: The Grateful Dead's Rock-
based Improvisational Practice and Its
Religious Inspiration
Michael Kaler Bowman 2014
Considering Schubert and Nature: A
Romantic Ecology
Michael Donovan Coghlan 2014
Mariposa Folk Festival: A 50 Year
Road Trip
Sija Tsai Wrazen 2013
Change of Guard: C. Rouse, S. Lacey and
the Music of T. Monk
Ryan Bruce Vander Bleik 2013
Archetypes in White Commercial Gospel
Musics: Constructing Christian Nationalist
Vivia Kieswetter Bowman 2013
Music, Power, and Relations: Fiddling as
a Meeting Place in Manitoba
Monique Giroux Wrazen 2013
Henry Mancini and the "Frenzy" Experience Patricia Wheeler-Condon Coghlan 2013
The Persian "Radif" in History, Theory, and
Amir Koushkani Coghlan 2013
Dharma Noise: Parergonality in Zen
Buddhism and Non-Idiomatic Improvisation
Daniel Schnee Sokol 2013
Hip Life: Redefining Ghanaian Culture Isaac Akrong Coghlan  2012
Mediating Musical Experience:Studying the
Effects of the Re-mix on Production and
Sheena Hyndman Vander Bleik 2012
An Integral Approach to Musical Meaning Jason Saunders Mott 2012
Sign of the Times: Prince's Funk as an
Indicator of Socio-Musical Change
Dana Baitz Bowman 2012
Émile Jaques-Dalcroze's Influence on
Frank Martin: 1924-1937
Daniel Rubinoff Rahn 2011
Revisiting the Ennanga. The Royal Harp of the
Bugaanda Kingdom
Rachel Muehrer Marcuzzi 2011
Bugarabu: Musical Process and Creativity in
Jola Drumming
David O. Font Simms 2011
Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls Jennifer Taylor Bowman 2011
Arranging Hybridity:Cuban-Canadian
Brigido Galvan Diamond 2010
Fields of Production and Streams of
Pete Johnston Simms 2010
Roots Music in Calgary, Alberta: An
Gillian Turnbull Bowman 2010
Dance, Music and Nationhood Marcia Ostashewski Diamond 2009
The Tibetan Buddhist Gcod Ritual
Mediatation Practice
Jeff Cupchik Bowman 2009
Musicological Examination of Philip Glass’s
Film Scores
Kristin Force De Val 2009
Music, Cultural Rescue and Development
among  Garifuna People of Nicaragua
Ann Marie Gallaugher Coghlan 2008
O eEncontro nos Trios: Axé Music and
Musicians in Salvador, Brazil
Gordon Sheard Bowman 2008
Music of Community Change in Vancouver,
Downtown Eastside
K. Harrison Diamond 2008
"O Lead Us On, Thou Gentle Shepherd":
Black Canadian Sacred Gospel
Jesse Feyen Bowman 2007
Jamaican Popular Music Between 1957-1981
(Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae)
Len McCarthy Bowman 2007
"New Age" Overtone-Singing Rituals in Tuva Alex Glenfield Simms 2007
The Historiography of Rock Music 1955 -1976 Mike Daley Bowman 2007
Negotiating Tradition in Ontario Fiddle
Sherry Johnson Diamond 2006
The Life and Improvisational Style of Herbert
Lawrence "Sonny" Greenwich
Andrew Scott Bowman 2006
Song Genres, Cultural Capital and Social
Distinctions in Gaelic Cape Breton
Heather Sparling Diamond 2006
Mediating Metis Identities Through Music
and Storytelling
Annette Chretien Diamond 2006
Toronto's Rave Culture Charity Marsh Diamond 2005
"Ascendant Role of Bàtá Drumming in
Cuban Orís à Worship"
Michael Marcuzzi Witmer 2005
Music and Cultures of Jiangnam Sizhu Kim Chow-Morris Bowman 2004
"Café Society: Intersection of Jazz and
Politics During the Popular Front Era"
J. Bakan Rahn 2004
"The Changing Same: Asymmetry and
Rhythmic Structure in Repetitive Idioms"
John Brownell Rahn 2003
Grand Designs: A Musical, Social and
Ethnographic Study of Rush
Chris McDonald Bowman 2003
Powwows in Southwestern Ontario:
Relationships, Influences and Musical Style
Anna Hoefnagels Diamond 2003
Chinese-Canadian Festivals: Diasporic
Chinese Communities in Toronto
Margaret Chan Diamond 2001
African American Musical Avant-Gardism C. Bakriges Bowman 2001
Neil Young, Embodiment and Stylistic Diversity William Echard Witmer 2000
Soundscape Compositions of Hildegard Westerkamp. Andrea McCartney Diamond 1999
National, Racial and Gendered Identities on
Muchmusic and MTV
Karen Pegley Diamond 1999
Organicism in Musicology: A Critique of Selected
Twentieth-Century Writings
Roseanne Kydd Diamond 1999