Master's Degree


Admission Requirements

  • To be considered for admission, an applicant must be a graduate of a recognized university, normally with at least a B (second class) standing, assessed over the last two years of academic study
  • Strength in musicianship, as well as knowledge of European music history, is expected of students entering the program.

In addition, applicants should have an undergraduate degree in music or a relevant major in the humanities or social sciences. If the undergraduate degree is in a subject other than music, applicants should have at least a minor concentration in music or the equivalent in training and experience (to be determined by the program’s graduate admissions committee). Applicants without the expected academic qualifications may be asked to make up deficiencies.

All applicants should submit:

  1. a statement of intent (no less than 500 words);
  2. two examples of scholarly writing; and,
  3. an updated résumé (curriculum vitae).

In addition to the above documents, applicants for the composition field must submit a composition portfolio. All complete files are assessed by the admissions committee of the Graduate Program in Music.

The program accepts only those qualified applicants who are able to benefit from the faculty and facilities available.